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Haylea doesn’t just get credit for being the only person who could actually live with me long term and always knowing where to get the best brunch. She’s also a talented artist who set herself her own 365 challenge for 2017, and her execution of it is absolutely on point. If she wasn’t doing her Daily Sketch project, I’m pretty sure another year would have passed where I felt like I should have done something without actually starting it.

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Trails: Adventures in Real Life


Tara and I met through mutual friends six or seven years ago. I’ve gone from a fitness client to friend, and we’ve bonded over everything from coming from the same Scottish clan right through to a shared love of Chris Cornell in any form. When we’re not trying to manifest an Audioslave reunion tour, we often talk about her blog. By talk, I mean I bully her into what I think she should be doing while not actually doing anything myself.

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