What does RTRW stand for? 
Rocking The Real World. It’s a name I’d brainstormed for a blog years ago when I was looking for a title that didn’t lock me into a niche. It’s the kind of name whereby I can jump on a plane and have a holiday just as easily as go for a run without people asking why Disaster Chef is posting about travel not cooking or Fit Chelsea is eating cake.

How did you choose the Feb 1 start date? 
Mostly because I thought it would take me longer than half a day to build my site. But also  I’m a February baby and birthday aside, it’s my favourite month of the year.

What if you don’t have any wins or fails in the day? 
Life is life and there are days where the biggest win is eating something at dinner time, even if it is just cheese & crackers or the fail is what’s going on in your own mind. That’s why the project is the process and I’m committing to posting daily, not keeping a daily diary. In saying that, if I was eating cheese & crackers for dinner I would definitely post that as a win there and then. Especially if there was dip involved.

What’s with the daily quote?
I’m too lazy to edit (or even regularly update) my personal Instagram but am in awe of those people who manage to stick to a posting template to keep their page looking pretty. I was going to put white borders on every photo too but got over that with my first ever pic when my image editing app wouldn’t work and I ended up with about ten square shaped pics of a kitchen fail clogging up my phone memory. Plus, quotes and memes are life. They get me.