Day 33

The Over It Files

It’s said that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit.

I’m up to Day 33 and this just isn’t working for me.

It’s really hard to create and tie together two unique photographs on a daily basis.

I’m not going to stop, but I am going to relax¬†the rules a little bit to something that feels a little more fulfilling for me.

Day 32

If Only You Could Throw A Filter On Life.

It’s been another arse kicking, confusing, stressful, hectic week around these parts. This time without the high of a random OS flight booking.

It hasn’t even been that bad.

Just tiring.

Unlike Snapchat & Instagram though, there’s no filter for life. That’s more than a little bit disappointing.

Day 31


I always vowed no more cats.

I adored my big black male cat Simbad. But he was a gangsta thug from a rough area of town and way too much of a dude to ever cuddle with me. I still loved him, but he spent much of his 16 years on this earth not really liking me (or my beloved yellow dog).

In true cat form, Pefo (Refo / Refugee) isn’t even meant to be here. She literally just barged her way into the house and decided it was her home. I made it clear I came back for the boys, not her.

But gosh. GOSH. Maybe it’s part of the midlife crisis or maybe she’s just cute as fuck. But this adorable little grey & brown street cat has absolutely barged her way into my heart. And my car.

Day 30

Things That Are Harder Than They Should Be

FYI this is not a default dog post.

But I was chatting to an online dating prospect and we reached the stage of the conversation where they wanted more pics. This usually goes one of two ways. They mean THOSE kind of pics and promptly get blocked. Or they genuinely just want life and selfie shots.

Well. Dogs are my life apparently. In filter or actuality.

I don’t even think I’m sorry.

PS – The other hardest thing I’m grappling with this week is February is gone. So I’m no longer matching Day 1 with the 1st of the month etc. Standby for fuck ups. They’re coming.

Day 29

I often acknowledge joke about the fact that I can only complete one adult task a day.

I think that extends to healthy living too.

Last night I got 10 hours sleep. That should be a benchmark. Sadly though it’s actually 2 – 3 times my average nightly shut eye time.

Work out? Ok. Eat healthy? 50/50. Get a good night sleep too? Fuck no. It’s like getting to bed at a reasonable hour is the proverbial straw.

It’s something I need to work on though because as I age, I’m finding that while still able to stay up until dawn like the night owl I am, I actually can’t function as well as I used to on zero sleep.


Day 28

It Had To Happen Eventually

I didn’t write my blog post yesterday. It’s March 1, and I’m updating for Feb 28.

But in context, this week I’m struggling to even complete basic home security tasks like putting up car windows and locking doors.

So yes it was late, but no, everything isn’t ruined.


Day 27

Already Planning The Next Adventure


Today I longed to be back on Waiheke Island in New Zealand. Not just because the scenery is stunning and the vineyards have Labradors.

But two of my favourite people are in Auckland and I miss them dearly.

I want to go and see them. I want to explore Scotland and visit the Icelandic ponies. I want to sail the Greek Islands and eat all the food in Italy.

With my midlife crisis in full swing I had to talk myself out of YOLO-ing more flights today.

One thing at a time. Hawaii (in 154 sleeps) and then another short jaunt to NZ. Then the rest.