Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

I lasted three whole weeks before I messed up my Insta posting order, so that’s pretty good going. My win and fail are switched today and that’s ok.

I’ve been using the See How You Eat app to track my food for the past week or so. What a game changer. I’m a visual person. Stuff writing everything I eat in a food diary. But snap a quick photo? Done.

In typical Chelsea fashion I’m not using it properly yet – it likes me to have dinner at 5pm for example and that is just not me. And some days are better than others.

But if I want to look at the positives of Tuesday’s quiche-quiche-Mexican VS Monday’s rainbow on a plate I still ate three meals (which is surprisingly hard to do working from home) and I had quiche there to go. It even had such a tiny sprinkle of cheese that I’m pretty sure I committed some kind of food crime on it. Honestly. Most of that yellow is egg. I don’t know who I am anymore either.

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