Correcting Some Old Sayings

I was thinking about that adage “you don’t know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice” earlier.

It might sound like a dramatic thought to have while doing yard work (today was cleaning the pool but my old foe the back yard is overgrown again). But it applies to some bigger hurdles I’ve had to overcome in recent years as well.

I think the saying is bullshit.

While some people are more resilient than others, I think the strength is something you develop during the journey. I don’t think you have it automatically.

Yeah you have to dig deep and arguably hit rock bottom before you get there but I still think strength is a process.

Mine will be continuing with the pool for some time. It took me nearly an hour to get the nerve to collect the skimmer basket thing from the garden. It got flung there when I pulled it out and realised there was a dead lizard in it. Chelsea 0, Nature 2.

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