The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions

Ok so I might not be going to hell (at least for my food wastage anyway). But I’m not in a good place with it today.

I am a mess. I mean that’s kind of the point of the blog. But let me tell you how spectacularly I screwed up reducing food wastage and composting today alone.

  1. Went to preheat the oven with the intention of chopping and roasting some leftover sweet potato. Realised that there was a tray of tomatoes that I slow roasted on you know Wednesday, possibly even Tuesday, already in the oven. Great. Glad I could make everyday old tomatoes a little more gourmet for whatever eats my compost.
  2. Remembered that on whatever day I’d planned to be all productive I’d taken a big chunk of pumpkin out of the fridge with the intention of taking it straight out to the compost. Didn’t. Not to worry. I’ll take it now. Picked it up by the still attached stem. Stem broke off. Rotten pumpkin seeds and the rankest smell I’ve encountered recently spilled out everywhere. But at least it was in the sink, right?
  3. Decided to adult up and take the pumpkin (and the rest of the compost) out now while I’m motivated. Got out to the back yard and realised that I’d left the lid off the compost bin last time I’d been out there. And it has rained. And life is hard.

But you know, in terms of silver linings my food waste reduction needs work. But most of my trash at the moment (apart from the packaging which is another day’s rant) can either go in the compost or the recycling. So that’s something.


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