I Swore I Wouldn’t Default To Talking About Dogs

Yet here we are.

When I first posted the pic on the right (which is only a fail because they’re gone) I captioned it “all of my favourites in one picture”.

So much has changed since then. Someone has been cropped out of the original. The dogs have both passed away. Hell I don’t even know if I’m the same person I was in January, let alone who I was in 2014.

I miss Chance and Jasper more than I could ever express to a non-dog person, but there’s another two boys who have barged their way into my heart.

I’m having a funny week inside my mind. And I don’t mean funny ha-ha. I’m ok. Just doing a lot of deep thinking that shouldn’t be done out loud on a public forum. So for now, just look at how cute all four of the loves of my life are.


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