Working With My Faults

I tease one of my girlfriends’ every time she sends an email calendar invite for a catch up, asking why she didn’t send a telegram or asking if my written invitation is in the post. With the rise of social media, email has become a cumbersome form of communication.

While diaries might be even more retro than email, they work.

I switched to a paper planner instead of apps and programs to plan my work life in 2016 and this year, I’m making a concerted effort to do it for my personal life as well.

So when I wrote about misplacing my Medicare card a few days ago, I also wrote a note to remind myself sort it out.

I felt very smug when it got today and there was no “needs be” to order a replacement card. But I need to be careful not to get too cocky in thinking I’ve got my shit together.

Baby steps, Chels. You’re not quite at the making it on your own stage yet.

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