Modern Dating In Under 150(ish) Words

It sucks. Don’t even bother.

I’m only half kidding when I say that.

This is the past 24 hours in my love life.

If you’re wondering why someone vocalising that we had an awkward time together is a win you obviously haven’t been single for a long time.

I’m fiercely protective of the life I’ve created for myself, while staying open to finding someone to share the ride with.

But I’m not open to the way that people treat each other in the 20-teens (or whatever this era is called). And I’m not referring to today’s fail pic when I say that.

It’s a sad reflection of the times/my taste in men that since being at the “ready to mingle” stage of single life I have only had two men politely say their goodbyes when they decided it wasn’t going to work for them.

In a world where you could be a ghost, be a D not a dick.

(alternate title: Just Call Me Carrie Bradshaw)


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